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School Programs

unhealthy school lunch unhealthy school lunch unhealthy school lunch
Frozen Pizza. Frozen Burgers. Tater tots.

We're tired of seeing kids eat the same unhealthy lunches, day after day. At Unified Nutrimeals, we combine fresh ingredients and exciting recipes, creating nutritious meals that truly reflect the diversity of our clients. Say goodbye to greasy, goodbye to boring.

turkey enchiladas teriyaki bowl chicken curry
Turkey Enchiladas . . . Teriyaki Rice Bowls . . . Delhi Chicken Curry ?

Hello, Unified Nutrimeals.

No one menu is going to satisfy all your children. No one menu is going to make every child feel at home. We pride ourselves on working with clients to design kid-friendly custom meal programs. Our chefs and nutritionists have adapted recipes from all over the world to fit National School Lunch Program (NSLP) nutritional specifications and to fit your program's budget.

Unified Nutrimeals normally works closely with clients to create a 6-week menu cycle. Choose only the options that best suit your program requirements, for example :

Hot and Cold Breakfasts Unitized Meals
Hot and Cold Lunches Bulk Service
Field-Trip Boxed Lunches Organic Fresh Fruit and Milk Options
Snacks Transfat Free
Carton Milk Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free
and Allergy Specific Menus
Early Dinners

Nutrimeals clients include :

  • Charter Schools
  • Headstart / Early Headstart Programs
  • After School Snacks
  • Free Lunch Programs
  • Summer / Seasonal Programs
  • Special Events

Concentrate your energy where it matters most.

We can help you with Reimbursement Paperwork and Audit Support, so you don't have to worry. Nutrimeals also partners with Mealtime, a Point of Service provider, to help set up a system at your school.

School Gardens

We're excited about getting our hands dirty. We believe there is no better way to understand how food is produced, from soil to plate, than a school garden. We are happy to help at any stage — whether you have a garden or interested in building one — with planning, construction and planting. We also purchase what your garden produces to use in your own meals!

Nutritional Education

We offer education for children, parents and staff. Let us bring our dynamic presentations and workshops into your classroom, from kid-friendly cooking demos to food-related topics.

Topics include: general nutrition, eating smart, physical fitness, edible kitchen magic, how food choice impacts the environment and more.

Nutrimeals sponsors student competitions for healthy recipes that will be featured on the website and on the menu!

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